How to become a Swamer and monetize my content!

Swame is a fairly new social network platform. It connects young people and adults over 18 years old who like to chat, share photos and videos, but also, to meet naughty people. The little extra with Swame is the possibility to make money in different ways. Indeed, Swame does not only allow you to meet new people, the site also offers the possibility to become a swamer and earn money with the contents that you share.

Who can become a swamer on the Swame platform?

Not everyone can join Swame and become a swamer. This social networking platform is strictly reserved for adults over 18 years old. However, when you respect this age limit, you can become a swamer whether you are a man or a woman, and whatever your sexual or religious inclination. You can also register on Swame whether you are an amateur or professional photographer and videographer.

You just have to respect the general conditions of the site and the various rules of the community. Once on Swamer, everyone can publish photos and videos and hope to earn money with their productions.

However, to succeed in monetizing your photos and videos, you need to attract the maximum number of subscribers. And for this, the platform offers many tips to improve its visibility.

How can I get paid on Swame?

The advantage of registering on Swame is that it is possible to get paid in different ways.

Initially, when you become a smamer, you need to attract subscribers. Swamer allows these models to freely define the subscription rate and its duration. In other words, you can charge visitors to become subscribers on your Swame page. A subscription can last for a week or a month and cost between 2 € and 150 €.

Then, there is the sale of contents. Here again, a swamer is free to set the price of the photos or videos it puts on sale. It is even possible to offer "sample" photos to non-subscribing visitors. This offer is not found on other competing platforms.

And to make even more money, the swamer can sell personalized photos. This means that a subscriber has the possibility to make a specific request to the swamer. Of course, the swamer has the right to accept or not the request. Even if one can expose and sell nude photos on the site, it is not mandatory.

Another way to monetize your Swame page is to organize a private show. The Swame platform allows subscribers to make an appointment with the swamer to have a private show with him. The swamer also has the possibility to fix the price of this show according to the duration requested by the subscriber.

There are also the Lives on webcam that the swamer can sell to his subscribers to increase his income a little more. And finally, subscribers can give tips to swamers. There is no limit on the amount of these tips. Everyone is free to give what they think is right to encourage the swamer's work or to have some privileges in their eyes.

Just note that Swame uses the point system for payments on its platform. These points can then be exchanged for real money through the Straceo platform.

On the income of swamers, the Swame platform deducts 20 % of commission without tax. In other words, on the totality of its gain, a swamer will collect 80 %.

How to register on Swame?

If you are interested in the Swame platform and want to become a swamer, you have to start by registering on the platform. This registration is completely free. However, you must use a browser that is compatible with the platform.

To register, simply go to A form is available to the visitor. He will have to enter the nickname he will use, his email address and the password he will use. Before being able to validate the registration, it is also necessary that he accepts the general conditions of sale of the platform.

Once the user is registered, he can create his page by completing his profile. He can add a photo, make a brief description of his person and publish free photos. It should be noted that the information he inserts in his profile will be accessible and visible by other users of the site. However, the user has the possibility to restrict access to his profile. In this case, a visitor must request access authorization from the account owner. The owner of the account has the right to accept or reject the access.

What does it take to become a swamer?

If a user gets at least one fan who subscribes to his account, he can request to become a swamer. To do so, he has to enter his personal account. Then he is invited to access the premium area. In this sub-area, he will be asked for some information and documents that he must provide.

The Swame platform will first ask for a copy of the ID card of the user who wants to become a swamer. Then, the user will have to take a picture of himself holding his ID card in hand. He must also hold a sign with the words "Swame", the date he took the picture and his nickname on Swame.

Once this information is provided online on Swame, the validation goes through the acceptance of the general conditions of sale of the platform. Once this is done, the user can click on the "register" button.

Once the registration request is validated by the platform, the user will be called swamer and will be able to sell his contents to other users. It should be noted that in the general conditions of sale of Swame, the platform informs that one of the reasons that could lead a request to be refused is the presence and publication of photomontage in the user's catalogs.

When the request is validated, the swamer can restrict access to his photos and videos. In this case, only subscribers (who have paid to become fans) can access his content. Simple visitors will only see blurred photos and videos. It is also possible for the swamer to blur only a part of the content he publishes. If this is the case, the photos and videos that are not accessible will be in "private" status. They can only be accessed by paying a fee, the price of which is set by the swamer.

Swame also allows the swamer to earn a badge in the form of a logo which means that he has gained a strong popularity and reputation on the platform. To do this, he must be regularly present on his Swame page and post content that interests his fans and visitors. He should also share his profile on other social network pages in order to gain the maximum number of fans who should subscribe to his account.

It is also possible for the swamer to sponsor friends to become users and swamers. This also allows him to make an additional income on the site. Swame offers 10 % of what the referral earns.