Swame vs Only Fans: Which is the best social network?

Are you looking for a platform where you can sell your photos and videos? The easiest way is to go through dedicated social networks that allow this type of sale. Among the most famous platforms on the market, you have Only Fans. However, new platforms are becoming more and more known in this field and are starting to win the hearts of Internet users. Swame is one of these sites with great potential. In this article, we have made a small comparison between Ony Fans and Swame to know on which platform to sign up and earn maximum money.  

Swame vs Only Fans: on which platform do you make the most money?

Whether it's Only Fans or Swame, you get 80 % of the winnings you accumulate. This percentage is valid regardless of the offer that allowed you to earn money. Swame and Only Fans receive 20 % which will allow them to maintain their platforms and cover the management costs of their respective sites.

On the other hand, if Only Fans only offers subscription, tips and content sales (photos and videos) to make money, Swame has many more money-making offers. Indeed, on Swame, you can create additional income by attracting subscribers. The model or swamer is free to set the subscription price and its duration (weekly or monthly subscription price). Swame also allows users to offer tips or gratuities to swamers. You can also sell your photos and videos to subscribers.

In addition to these basic offers, Swame proposes to the swamer to make an appointment for a private show with the subscribers who request it. Again, the swamer is free to set the price for access to 5 minutes of private show.

It is also possible for simple visitors to pay with points to see samples of photos or videos of the swamer, before deciding to subscribe or not. This is not possible on Only Fans. And finally, there is the live webcam offer that the swamer can sell to his subscribers.

To sum up, you can earn more money on Swame. There are more monetization offers on this platform than on Only Fans.

The payment and withdrawal system: who has the most attractive offer?

Only Fans users can make a payment on the platform using their credit card directly. For withdrawals, the model must have a minimum of 20 euros on his Only Fans account to be able to make a withdrawal. They can request one withdrawal per day, but this must be done manually. It is also possible to set up a payment profile and request an automatic withdrawal every month. 

On Swame, payments are made by points system. For this, Swame uses the services of the Straceo platform to ensure the exchange of money into points. The user can also pay directly with his credit card.

Moreover, when the swamer accumulates enough points on his account, he can exchange them for money on Straceo. Regarding the amount of the withdrawal, it is only possible with a minimum of 100 euros on Swame. Withdrawals can be made once a week or once a month. Swame pays out swamers by bank transfer.

Between Swame and Only Fans, even if payment by credit card is quite common, it can present risks for the user, such as information theft. By going through an intermediary service through Straceo and choosing the points system, we have more security on Swame. However, we regret that withdrawals can only be made for amounts of 100 euros or more.

How do Swame and Only Fans help you gain visibility?

Only Fans uses only basic search methods through the username, to find a model profile on its site.

On Swamer, the search bar allows you to find a swamer thanks to its user name, but also using various keywords. It is also possible to search by theme on the site according to the type of photo that interests the visitor. Then, to refine the results of his search, the visitor can activate a filter for a geographical zoning, for example.

In addition to the search bar, Swame collaborates with partner social networking sites. The swamer has the possibility to publish and share his profile on these partner sites. This will increase his visibility and allow him to attract a maximum of visitors and potential subscribers. On these partner sites, the swamer has the right to publish some free photos in order to attract visitors to consult his Swame profile.  


Only Fans is a platform with an established reputation. It has experience and a very strong user base. However, new platforms like Swame bring novelty and allow users and models to earn more money. For a first experience and in order to avoid the huge competition that there is on Only Fans, it is better to register on Swame. By correctly following the techniques recommended by the platform that allow you to gain visibility, you can earn a lot of money in a minimum of time.

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