Some tips to get the most subscribers on Swame

Swame is a fairly new social networking platform, but it already has a good reputation among Internet users. It is a site that connects adults 18 years and older who want to discuss and share videos and photos with each other.

The particularity of this platform lies in the fact that it also offers different solutions to earn money. This can be done by recruiting subscribers, but also by selling content and organizing events like private shows and webcam lives. To get subscribers, however, you need to ensure the visibility of your Swame profile. In this article, we present you some tips that can improve this visibility and thus, get a maximum of subscribers.

Get followers by leveraging the number of followers on your other social media accounts

Other social networking platforms can become real allies to promote your Swame account and thus, gain visibility and increase the number of your followers. Among the social networks you can exploit are Instagram and Twitter.

Promote your Swame account on Instagram

Instagram is known to be a social media where you express yourself mostly with photos and videos. However, you have to be careful when posting your photos on this social network, because unlike Swame, it filters images. Instragram is accessible and viewable by a minor audience. Therefore, you should not publish explicit photos on this platform to promote your Swame account.

You can also use hashtags, but not ones that are restricted to an adult audience. Also avoid linking Swame to a hashtag, as it will not work. However, you can perfectly insert a link to your Swame profile.

Regarding the practice that gets visitors to your Swame account from your Instagram page, play on engagement. To do this, post attractive photos of yourself, on Instagram, with a link that leads to your Swame profile. In the description of your photo, favor fairly long captions with questions that your followers can answer. This is a technique that will help showcase your photo and attract as many engaged igers as possible. The photo is there to allow igers to react. The description will attract comments.

In short, the more your photo will be seen, liked and commented, the more likely you will attract followers who will click on the link and be redirected to your Swame account.

How to use Twitter to promote your Swame profile?

On Twitter, you can perfectly integrate the link to your Swame profile. To do this, don't just put it on your tweets, put a link in your biography as well.

Regarding photos, it is possible to put two links in each post. However, you should also put links in a pinned post, especially links that promote an offer. For example, if you reduce the points requested for sharing your latest live webcam, include the link to access this promotion in a pinned tweet.

In addition, be aware that by posting a relevant tweet, you can create a buzz. In this case, prefer tweets with a mini video and containing the link that redirects to your Swame profile. A video appreciated by your followers on Twitter can be retweeted thousands of times. This will allow you to reach a very large audience and to share the link you have inserted as much as possible.

And finally, try to post regular tweets on this platform, even every day if possible. Twitter puts more emphasis on members who are active on its platform.

Fueling discussions on the forums

You can make your Swame account known on online forums. The Reddit site is perfect for this.

The advantage of this type of platform is that discussions are categorized. In this sense, the participants who will access a chat room are potential subscribers. Furthermore, forums do not filter content. So, if the topic is about an adult audience, you can perfectly promote your photo catalog and your Swame profile. Nevertheless, you have to read the conditions and rules before participating in a discussion. Some platforms do not appreciate self-promotion and may ban you.

Use paid advertisements

As your goal is to gain the maximum number of subscribers and therefore, money on Swame, it is also recommended to invest in getting the maximum number of fans.

To do so, take advantage of paid ads like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. They will allow you to be constantly visible, for a limited period of time, on the homepages of Facebook and Instagram, but also, on the SERP page of Google.

Be responsive

Also, take advantage of a free strategy by focusing on the organic growth method to begin with. To do this, always be active on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You should also be responsive to requests and comments from your followers. But also, publish posts from time to time with questions asking your followers' preferences in terms of photos, video content, etc. 

You can also post content with a promotional offer during a specific period. For example, it is possible to offer price reductions on a quarterly subscription to your Swame account during the vacation season. You can also offer a discount for each subscription renewal. These small attentions please the subscribers who will talk about you to their friends.

Share with your followers about Swame and your account

You also have the option to discuss and promote your Swame page outside of the platform and social media. This strategy works even better if you have a website or blog.

The idea here is to work on the communication aspect of your promotion strategy like a real self-employed person. In this case, you can approach your potential subscribers and tell them about Swame and your profile through an emailing campaign. You can also chat with them on Whatsapp in a dedicated group, for example. Newsletters are also perfect to present the Swame sponsorship offer to your subscribers. This strategy allows you to attract new members for Swame, but also to promote your account through subscribers who will become your ambassadors.

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