How to promote your Swame account?

Swame is a platform that allows a person to monetize the contents of his page and create a comfortable income per month. However, in order to achieve this, a swamer must ensure the visibility of his profile and increase the number of his subscribers. This allows him to sell more easily his photos and videos, but also, to interact with fans to organize private shows, webcam lives, and hope to earn tips. How to promote his account on Swame in this case, and hope to make a maximum of earnings?

Make maximum use of your other social media accounts for promotion

You can perfectly use your other pages on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Tik Tok and Snapchat to promote your Swame profile. You can promote your account, your profile and the content of your Swame profile on these social networks.

For example, with Instagram, all you have to do is post an attractive photo for free on this platform. Then, you will only have to insert a link that redirects your followers igers to your Swame profile. If they want to see more photos of you and even buy, they should go there and subscribe.

On Facebook, you can create a specific post to promote your page. Again, share an attractive photo or video and embed the link to your Swame profile. Add some catchy and famous hashtags related to the photo you've featured.

On the other hand, if you don't feel like mixing your life on free social networks (that your family members, colleagues or friends can check out) with your swamer profile, it is possible to create new accounts on these social network platforms. This way, you can re-invite your followers who may be interested in your profile on Swame, to follow you on your new Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok or Reddit or Twitter account.

Note that the purpose of promoting your Swame profile on other social networks is to take advantage of the followers and fans you already have on these platforms. These are potential customers who can become subscribers and who can buy the content and offers that you present as a swamer.

Share as much information as possible

When visitors enter the Swame platform and search for a swamer, they will come across the swamer's profile. Whether a visitor or a subscriber, when he consults your account, he will see first the information on your profile as a swamer. It is therefore essential to have interesting content and information on your profile.

Ideally, you should explain in a brief and clear way, in what purpose you opened your Swame account and why you became a swamer. You should also say what kind of content you have on your account and why it may be of interest to your subscribers.

You also need to show off. Display an attractive profile picture and offer free photo and video content. They will serve to attract the attention of subscribers and push them to buy. Also put a nice cover photo.

In addition, it is important to put links that redirect your followers to your other social media accounts. This will allow them to know you a little better.

Share the contents of your Swame account wisely

By having an updated profile and shared on other social networking platforms, the swamer will be able to attract more visitors to his profile and hope to increase the number of his followers. However, in order to attract new subscribers, one must also know how to play with the right tactics.

In this case, you should dare to share free content on other social networking platforms and on Swame's partner sites. However, not everything should be shared for free. You have to respect the 75/25 rule. That is, it is recommended to publish paid content at 75 % and free photos and videos on Swame and other platforms at 25 %.

Be regular and responsive

Swame also invites swamers to be regular and responsive on the platform. Subscribers may make specific requests to the swamer. He must be able to respond quickly to this request. This allows him to maintain his reputation. A reputable swamer on the platform has some advantages and will be more visible since his profile will be highlighted by Swame.

Regularity is also important. A swamer who posts regularly is more appreciated than a swamer who doesn't care about his account or his fans. Also, swammers who post more regularly will see their fan base grow faster.

Show that you appreciate your fans

On swamer, you can promote your profile and increase the number of subscribers by showing your interest to fans. The platform allows you to chat with them in order to maintain the relationship with them. It is even possible to play and enjoy special moments with these fans through private shows. One can also answer personal requests and share specific lives to show that one appreciates the exchanges and the company of his subscribers. However, it is important to keep the suspense alive by making the fan wait on a request. But in order to keep the fan entertained, the wait must be controlled.

In addition to these points, if a fan unsubscribes, the swamer must also listen to his concern. He can contact him again and ask him why he left. This small attention can make him come back and allow the swamer to gain the trust of his fans.

These tips allow you to promote your Swame profile to the maximum and increase the number of sales of photos and videos, private shows, live webcams, but also, the tips.

Use the shoutouts

If you do not want to use social networks to promote your Swame profile, you can also use Shoutouts. The technique of Shoutout for shoutout (S4S) is to be preferred in this case. It is for two swamers to help each other to promote their profiles of swamers.

 So, you will publish some of your catalog pictures and the link to your Swamer profile on the account of the swamer who collaborates with you. He will do the same thing on your profile. This allows you to expand your level of exposure without going through other social networking platforms.

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