Swame vs MYM Fans: Which is the best social network?

Nowadays, it is possible to earn money on social networks. Indeed, on some platforms, you can sell your photos or videos to make money. For some influencers, this is even a real business that allows them to earn a lot of money per month. However, in order to make money by selling your photos or videos, you have to choose the right platform. In this article, we will make a comparison between Mym Fans and Swame to help you choose.

The earnings that can be claimed on Swame and Mym Fans

Mym Fans receives between 10 and 25 % of the earnings that a model makes on its platform. In other words, it is possible to collect up to 90 % of the earnings, excluding tax. One can make money thanks to the sale of photos and private videos on this platform, but also with tips, the subscription system as well as the private chat service.

At Swame, we receive a fixed percentage of profit which amounts to 80 %. And this is regardless of the offer that allows you to earn money on the platform. It should be noted that it is possible to monetize different activities on Swame, among others:

  • With subscriptions,
  • Thanks to the sale of photos and videos,
  • Scheduling private shows,
  • By broadcasting lives on webcam,
  • With tips or gratuities.

In other words, even though Mym Fans allows you to collect up to 90 % of your earnings, Swame has many more offers that allow a model (or Swamer) to earn more money on the platform. 

Payment method and frequency

To make a payment on Mym Fans, the subscriber can use a credit card, or their PayPal account. It is also possible to make payments in cryptocurrency. As for the withdrawal, it is enough to make a payment request as soon as the model reaches 50 euros of gain. One can then schedule a withdrawal twice a week or twice a month.

Concerning Swame, the platform favors the point system for the different transactions made on the site. This facilitates exchanges between Swamers or models and subscribers. Thus, the platform collaborates with the site Straceo for the conversion of money into points and points into money. All you have to do is register on Straceo and create an online wallet to deposit money and buy points. The user can also use his credit card directly on Straceo to purchase points.

On Swame, you have to wait until you have 100 euros to be able to make a withdrawal. You just need to have about 1,500 points to convert to cash on Straceo in this case, and to make the withdrawal request on the platform Swame. Requests can be made every 7 days. Payments are then made by bank transfer within one week of the withdrawal request.

In conclusion, Mym Fans offers more payment solutions to its users. This can facilitate the payment of purchases made on the platform. However, by integrating the Straceo solution on its site, the payment process is faster and more secure on Swame. The point system is also more secure during transactions. Swame is therefore more interesting. Regarding withdrawal, with a lower withdrawal amount, Mym Fans wins a point in this comparison.

The system of promotion of its page on Swame and Mym Fans

Mym Fans allows models to promote their page through their usernames, but also a targeted search. Indeed, it is possible to enter a specific keyword to find a specific theme and the models who promote this theme. For example, if you enter the keyword "feet photo", you will get a list of profiles of models who propose the best feet photos on the platform. The search can then be filtered by geographical area or by the model's reputation to refine the results. Superstar" models are categorized as the best profiles on the platform.

On Swame, you just need to fill in your profile to make it easier for users to search. The platform has about ten partner sites where it is possible to attract new subscribers by publishing free content. These partner sites allow to share the swamer's profile on their platform. However, Swame recommends that only 25 % of photo and video content be posted on these sites. They will only be used to attract new subscribers. In addition, Swame also allows keyword search and filtering of results on its site.

In short, even if the filter and keyword system that we have on Mym Fans is relevant, the system of promoting the swamer's profile on other platforms is much more effective. The possibility of attracting a maximum of subscribers and visitors is more secure if you can promote your profile directly on different social network platforms open to the general public.


Despite its young age, Swame is a very promising platform where anyone can hope to make money by selling their photos and videos. Compared to Mym Fans, Swame also allows you to monetize other services like live videos and private shows, in addition to subscriptions. If you're already on Mym Fans, there's nothing to stop you from joining Swame as well. You'll have an additional income.

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