Our advice for a good start on Swame

Swame is a platform where you can create a community of friends and fans with whom you can chat and share good times. It is also a social media that allows its users to earn money and become a real self-entrepreneur. However, to succeed on the platform, you have to start well. It requires some effort and investment, especially in time. 

Complete your Swame profile 

To succeed in monetizing your content on Swame, you have to start by filling in the information requested for your profile. First of all, your profile picture and your cover picture must be present and attractive. Indeed, these are the first elements that visitors will see when they want to visit your Swame page. 

Then, consider changing the hashtag that allows you to be redirected to the activity you are passionate about. This makes it easier for users to find your profile. This way, when they type in the hashtag of your activity (e.g.: #PhotographePied for those who specialize in foot photos, or #PhotoMain), they will see your profile in the search results. 

You must also change the content of your biography. It should be appealing and interesting to the reader. However, do not expose yourself too much. Just remember to share what you are passionate about, what your interests are, what you are looking for on Swame, etc. 

And finally, don't hesitate to insert links that redirect your fans to your other social network pages. This allows them to get to know you a little better and to consult free publications, such as your photos, your videos, etc. 

Post quality content

The quality of content is essential on Swame. Indeed, you can't propose to your fans low quality photos or videos. The objective on this platform is to attract the attention of visitors and subscribers so that they buy your content. 

The photos you put for sale can be used as souvenir pictures for your fans. It is also possible that they use them for professional purposes, for the visual of their website or another communication support for example. 

It is therefore, necessary that you have quality accessories to take your photos and videos. For example, to improve the brightness of the environment where you shoot a video, you will need a Ring Light. If you need to take landscape or macro photos, you need the right lens. You may even need a tripod to avoid blurred photos. In this case, the accessory you need will depend on the shooting environment, the subject to be photographed or filmed, the theme, etc. 

Publish as much content as possible  

Swame is a platform for sharing visual content like photos and videos. If on some platforms you are limited in the number of publications, on Swame, you have the possibility to share the maximum of photos. 

However, focus on quality photos and videos that interest visitors and your fans. While you can post personal shots in this case, also consider posting more photos related to the main activity you are passionate about. 

Also, when you share your photos, they should not all be in the private category. Display free photos that will serve to attract the attention of visitors who do not subscribe to your account. This will bait them. They will be forced to subscribe to your account if they find your free photos interesting and want to see more. 

Ideally, post only 25 % of free content. So, to see the remaining 75 %, a visitor must subscribe to your Swame profile. 

Be responsive 

To hope to attract fans, you need to be responsive. Fans appreciate it when the swamers they follow respond quickly to their requests and messages. Furthermore, if a swamer is contacted by a simple visitor and is responsive in his answer or request, it may push the latter to subscribe. 

When a swamer is responsive, it also builds trust with fans and visitors. Friendship can be established beyond the aspect of buying and selling content. Fans will also feel closer to swammers when the latter respond quickly to their messages or needs. 

Promote your Swame page on other social media 

Swame allows its swamers to share links on other social networking platforms. Feel free to share your Swame profile with your followers on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even Facebook.

To do this, include the link to your Swame account in your bio or in the captions of the photos and videos you post on your other social networking pages. This will give you publicity and help you attract potential followers. 

Practice the shoutout strategy 

The shoutout allows you to collaborate with other swamers to get maximum visibility on Swame. Also be aware that you can adopt this strategy if you have a large number of followers on other social networks like Instragram or Tik Tok. 

The principle with the shoutout is to get in touch with another swamer or influencer on Tik Tok or Instagram to establish a partnership. You will in this case, contact the swamer or influencer and offer to post photos or videos of your catalog Swame on his page. This strategy can be free or paid, but it allows you to attract the attention of the swamer's or influencer's audience that you have contacted. If the content posted interests the latter's fans, they can go to your Swame account and subscribe to it. 

For this strategy to work, it is recommended to choose a swamer or influencer who offers content on the same theme as yours. 

We can also adopt the strategy of shoutout for shoutout (S4S). In this case, you publish contents on the account of another swamer and in return, he will also post some on your profile. This way, each party can attract the other's audience to improve the visibility of both parties. 

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