How to make money on Swame?

Swame is a social media that is attracting more and more interest from Internet users. Aimed mainly at adults aged 18 and over, this platform has many advantages that many people will appreciate. Indeed, Swame allows to make exchanges with other users and to create a fan base. One can also monetize the content published on Swame, but for that, one has to go through a few steps. It is also necessary to know the different ways proposed by the site to earn money. 

It all starts with registration 

Before you can earn money on Swame, it is essential to register on the platform. This is a free procedure that anyone can do, as long as they are 18 years old. 

To register, simply choose a nickname and enter it in the dedicated box. Then, you must enter your email address and a personal password choice. You will then be asked to confirm your password and accept the general terms and conditions of sale on the platform, before you can register and validate your registration. 

With this in mind, you can create your Swame account by filling in the information requested for your profile. It is possible to create a short biography in this case, but also to insert a profile photo and a cover photo. The newly registered member can also upload photos and videos at will. 

It should be noted that at this stage, the account does not yet allow the sale of content. The newly registered person will only have the status of a user. To have the right to sell photos or videos, and monetize the activities on his account, you must be a swamer. 

How to become a swamer and be able to sell content?

Once you have opened your Swame account, your profile information is complete and you have at least one fan following you, it is possible to apply to become a swamer. 

To do this, the user must access his account and open the premium area. Once on this page, it is important that he sends online the information requested by the platform. This is a copy of his national identity card and a photo of him, taken with a sign mentioning his nickname on Swame, the indication SWAME, as well as the date of taking the photo. 

Once this information has been sent, the user must again accept Swame's T&Cs before pressing the registration button. 

The validation of the request will be done within a few days. Thus, if the request is validated, the user will obtain the status of swamer. This will allow him to sell his contents. He will also have the right to choose the contents to show for free to the general public or to the visitors, on his account. He also has the choice to blur the photos and videos he wants to sell to his subscribers. 

Activities that can be done on Swame 

Swame allows you to contact and discuss with other adults on a single platform. The goal is to make friends, to create a network of acquaintances or enthusiasts on a specific theme or to make intimate meetings. 

For this, the platform allows its users to post photo and video content, but also messages. It is also possible to view the contents posted by other users as a simple visitor or fan. It should be noted that some content is not visible to the general public and is therefore private. One must become a subscriber of the account to access them. 

The user can also use Straceo's services to buy points. These points will then be used to buy the offers that a swamer proposes on the platform. Moreover, one of the strong points of the site is the possibility to organize and participate in events on the platform. It can be a Live on webcam or a private show. You can also attend a Lounge which is a chat cam organized by a swamer. 

Services that help you earn money 

When a user obtains the status of swamer, it is possible to earn money in different ways on Swame. 

The subscription 

A swamer can attract users to subscribe to his page. This subscription is not free, but it is up to the swamer to define the price of a subscription which can be monthly or weekly. A subscription to the swamer's account allows a user to unlock private content and access it at any time. 

It should be noted that this type of subscription is different from what the Swame platform offers. Swame also offers a subscription that gives access to all the features of the site as well as the Lounge service. 

The Private Show

This type of activity allows a fan to request an appointment for a private show with the swamer. If fans like the private content and ask for more, they can access this offer. 

The swamer is free in this case, to define the price to pay for 5 min of private show for example. But here, the point system must be applied. This means that the fan will pay for the services of the swamer with points. The accumulated points can then be exchanged for money on Straceo, by the swamer. It should also be noted that the swamer has the right to accept or not a request for a private show. 

The sale of photo or video content

For ordinary users, most of the content posted by the swamer is private and therefore, inaccessible. Once the user becomes a subscriber, he can view the photos and videos of the swamer. However, he can also request personalized photos that he can download and use freely on his account. In this case, the user must pay in points for the requested content. 

Visitors also have the right to pay for the viewing of certain blurred contents on a swamer's account, by paying with points. However, this offer is limited and only serves to push the visitor to subscribe. He can also access specific requests, but only from the list proposed by the swamer. A simple user can only make specific requests if he becomes a fan of the swamer. 

The tips

Tips are tips that fans offer to swamers who have more. The percentage of the tip is not defined, but it is offered in the form of points. The fan can give the swamer one point, as well as 100 points. It all depends on his mood and his satisfaction with the services offered by the swamer. 


Swame also allows swamers to sponsor users or other Internet users to become swamers. In this case, on everything the sponsored swamer earns, the sponsor will get 10 % of gain. 

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