How to create beautiful photos for your Swame catalog?

Just like Only fans or Mym Fans, Swame is a social network platform that allows to publish and share various contents. It also offers the possibility to its members, called swamers, to sell photos and videos. However, to succeed in this activity and earn a lot of money like other swamers who already have a good reputation on the platform, it is necessary to take care of the quality of the photos to sell. To do this, here are some tips and good photo equipment to use. 

Why have beautiful profile and cover photos?

When a visitor goes on Swame, he will be first attracted by the profile and cover photos of the swamer. Indeed, the first objective of these photos is to capture the attention. You must make sure to stand out from the crowd. The profile photo will be used to lure your targets to subscribe and consult your photo catalog.

Through the cover photo and the one for your profile, visitors will also be able to identify your personality. An attractive photo attracts attention and invites the visitor to want to know you a little better. This will only be good for your business. With an attractive photo, the visitor will want to read your biography, look at other photos and maybe make an appointment for a private show. 

Some tips to have a professional and quality photo 

Pay attention to the background of your photo 

The first advice to succeed in your photo on Swame is to avoid the cheerleader effect. Your visitors and subscribers on Swame mostly want personal photos and not group photos. In other words, avoid as much as possible photos with your friends, pets or family members. They are not marketable, unless you specialize in "animals". 

Also pay attention to the background of the photo. Everything should be clean. Some people don't pay attention to what they have behind them. This is detrimental to the quality of the photo. 

Prefer full-length photos

Unless you specialize in portrait photos of faces, avoid posting too many images without feet. On Swame, subscribers and visitors mostly like to see the silhouettes of swamers. They may even order a nude photo, which is perfectly allowed on Swame. 

It is also best to avoid selfies and posed portrait photos, especially for men. Some people may see these types of photos as a form of arrogance. On the other hand, potential buyers are looking for originality and photos that highlight the theme you are passionate about. Ideally, activity photos are more saleable. 

Play with colors  

Some people think that dull shades bring out emotions. This is a misconception. Black and white or sepia photos are quite old-fashioned, even if they can have an artistic effect from time to time. 

With colors, a photo slightly drawn to red will for example, highlight your complexion. If you put forward the green, you enhance the beauty of your eyes. 

The materials to have to make beautiful photos

The ideal cameras for Swame

Use a good camera, but one that is affordable and fits your budget.

For the first choice, the Canon EOS 90D is a non-professional camera, but one that can take great pictures. This camera is perfect whether you take pictures indoors or outdoors. It is offered at less than 1,000 euros on the market.

Then you have the Sony A6100. For beginners and those who have just become swammers, this is the ideal camera. It's the must-have in the entry-level category, but has the basic features to get great shots. You can have it from 700 €.

The Panasonic Lumix LX10 is a digital camera that allows you to take 4K photos. For less than 500 euros, it is the ideal device. It is also compact and can be taken anywhere.

The best tripods for stabilizing your camera

You will also need a good tripod to stabilize your camera when shooting indoors or outdoors. 

The Benro Mach3 is the best option in this case. For about 150 €, you will have a robust and resistant accessory to achieve quality photos, whatever the shooting environment.

If you take pictures with your smartphone or if you prefer a small tripod to take everywhere, the Pixi mini tripod is ideal. For 20 euros, you can store it in a small bag and put it even on a table, to make your photos successful. 

Recommended accessories to light your indoor photos 

The Andoer Softbox kit is the best in its category. It is a lighting kit that comes with 3 types of lamps for only 130 euros. 

The Neewer brand is also a reference in terms of lighting solutions for photographers. For swamers, it offers a portable video kit that is also intended for the studio for only 30 euros. 

Lighting accessories for portrait photography 

For portrait photos, you will need a specific strobe lighting system. 

In this category, the Canon Speedlite is recommended. This flash is perfect for professional use. It allows you to control the exposure well and to take quick shots. You can buy this flash for about 400 euros. 

The Godox AD200 is another strobe light sold in kit form that is slightly cheaper than the Canon Speedlite. The accessory allows you to have quality photos even in a dark room, and is traded at about 300 euros on the market. 

Photo processing software

For free solutions, you have GIMP or Canva that can help you improve the quality of your photos. However, you have to be careful with collages, because Swame can forbid you to publish and sell this type of image, especially if you are a swamer.

For pro solutions, Photoshop is a must. It allows you to make clippings, improve the level of luminosity, etc. 

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